Demisting Coating solutions are provided for different markets, such as marine, domestic applications or aviation transparencies.


The need for an effective, permanent, and reliable anti fog system finds its highest justification when temperature, humidity come in the way. When a fraction of seconds may turn any events into troubles, you need to see and react instantly. RIA2 provides the highest level of demisting performances for a life time.

The most demanding bikers, Special Forces or workers in harshest environment have selected RIA for the confidence in keeping their sight free from mist and the maintenance free attribute it offers.

Ultimately the application of RIA2 on diving masks will confer the users an outstanding safety advantage while bringing comfort without adding extra tasks for maintenance.

Safety, comfort with no need of special maintenance makes or RIA2 a true value added function to your visors systems. Your customers will adopt your Standards.


Aviation Transparencies

avion Glass and Polycarbonate material coated with RIA2 enables to reduce your consumption by supporting your A/C system. A perfect optical transmission, a maintenance free system will bring comfort and above all the safety aspect the most demanding pilot will require.

When sight cannot suffer any compromises and innovation brings savings to your windows chapter, our permanent coatings will bring a competitive advantage.

Instruments applications

This the early times of RIA company history: the flight instruments manufacturers were concerned with the mist hindering the vision when exposed to daily cycles of hygrometry and temperatures variations.

How to secure a perfect reading of key data and not adding extra systems to protect the equipment. RIA has designed and develop in the early 90's a specific coating applied on the internal surface of glass panel equipment. That was the beginning of the researches and base for various products developments Since that time every Airbus aircraft is fitted with RIA2 coated Instruments. 14 years later, performances level is still there and RIA is associated with safety without any additional electrical systems being installed.

Depending on your specifications RIA may develop a derived coating for your instruments to prevent reading issues or even prevent the measurements to be altered by misting effect.

Automotive applications

Already some Rallye teams have installed our RIA2 coating on the windshields of their most advanced driving machine. Perfect vision in extreme hostile environment , weight reduction entailed by the A/C system resizing have decided the extreme users of a rally car to select RIA for pushing even forward their limits and challenges.

pilote The progressive switch from combustion engine to electric-hybrid power vehicle will find with RIA2 technology an extra source of savings for the batteries while bringing comfort and maintenance-free benefit.


With similar requirements than in aeronautic industry, your instruments are exposed to though aggressions Humidity, Salt, temperatures variations make the reading and measurements of your instruments a sensitive concern.

RIA2 is the sole permanent coating which sustain the harshest environmental conditions inside a cockpit.


Domestic applications

When esthetic is key for your business you cannot afford any presentations mistakes your window shop is your main winning card; spoiled with mist and your image is seriously altered.

The application of RIA2 coating will prevent any mist and condensation phenomenon. Your customer will see your products and enjoy the special attention you have installed.

buee Catch the sight of your customers and enjoy a self cleaning window with reduced adhesion for environmental pollution with RIA2 coated glass. Make a difference in the Highstreet.


Our demisting coating RIA2 has been found by various transportation OEM’s manufacturers (Cars, trucks, Bus and coaches…) of critical interest to increase comfort, safety of the drivers and passengers while in the meantime bringing significant savings with the reduction of AC systems use.

The RIA2 technology will also bring an adapted response to the crucial need of perfect vision at all time and easy-to-clean requirements for any machines where operator vision is key. The cabin of your loaders, trucks, excavators, tractors, cranes… coated with RIA2 will add to the precision and comfort of your own tasks.


Enhance your vision

The level of demisting performances achieved by RIA2 exceeds most of the Standards and outperforms any short lasting treatment.

Whether on Glass or Plastic material, RIA2 coating features superior light transmission properties.

Service life is considered unlimited with over 14 years in service on flight instruments with no degradation in performances, although exposed to though environmental conditions (95 % HR).

Adhesions tests, water tests, climatic tests have been sustained by our coating RIA2 which features unmatched durability.


Ease your maintenance

The RIA2 coating doesn’t require any specific maintenance procedures considering its permanent “self-cleaning“ characteristic.

The coating protects the transparent by preventing adhesion of air pollution. In case of finger marks or even stains, the surface may be cleaned with a wet cloth or sponge with or without detergent as long as liquid is free from oxidizing agents.

After the cleaning, simply let it air dry and any humidity marks will soon disappear.

Protect your transparent

RIA2 offers outstanding self-cleaning characteristics: the coated surface with RIA2 will prevent the dust, grease pollution to adhere.

Most of the scratches (material squeezes) revert to initial shape when moistured or exposed to condensation cycles.

Save on energy

By reducing the need of powerful A/C systems, RIA2 brings an effective response to saving requirements entail by the electrical-hybrid powered engine.

Saving your battery while increasing your autonomy and mileage, such material-embedded defog solution is ready for the car of the future. flying helico

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RIA Company stands for -Research Engineering Application- designs and produces coatings for various industries. We provide the community with knowledge and expertise with custom -base R & D and Industrial applications.

Our RIA2 demisting Coating offers a permanent and second to none embedded antifog function which features a true self-cleaning capacity. Various Industries have selected RIA for its superior technology like Visors, Avionics, Instruments, Automotive, Aeronautic. RIA2 sustain the most extreme environment and performs on the long term.


The RIA2 coating is a permanent long-life coating made of organic absorbent substance which is flow-coated on the glass material and then crystallized on the surface. For plastic based material a primer coating will be applied to ensure highest adhesion characteristic of RIA2.

The RIA2 coating absorbs and allows a thermal exchange which further reduces the condensation phenomenon: the surface of material is less subject to condensation phenomenon.

The thickness of coating application enables to sustain high temperatures variances from -40 ° C to + 90 ° C and humidity level over 95 %.

Typical thickness of coating application ranges from 5 to 10 µ and features less than 1 % loss in light transmission.

Demisting capabilities

RIA2 offers outstanding demisting capabilities characteristics with no competitive equivalent in the industry.

The permanent and life long characteristics make it second to none and other removable products do not sustain comparison with regards to their technical characteristics.

Among various standards, RIA exceeds requirements of ECE22/05 – EN166:2001 – EN168:2001 and is compliant to MIL-I-83336B.


The service life of RIA2 coating is considered as life long; its permanent feature –no refurbishment required- and performances do not alter further to 14 years in-service on Airbus flight instruments. (Despite daily exposures to high humidity and numerous thermal cycles)

Water tests have demonstrated the same performances level of RIA2 coating further to 13 days @ 50 ° Celsius.

Climatic room tests have proven efficiency further to 5 cycles.

RIA2 coating is a permanent coating with no periodic refurbishment and no specific maintenance procedure.

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